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Corporate Training & Development

Corporations are facing an increasingly competitive environment and their employees are being challenged to understand new manufacturing, marketing, sales and financial concepts.
Corporate HR departments looking for ideal training spaces increasingly find that a dedicated, distraction free corporate centre offers settings and services that cannot be matched by multipurpose hotels and resorts. ICC is designed to provide an environment conducive to effective training.

Brand Building Skills

ICC envisages formation of a Brand Builders Allliance  comprising of  corporate brand managers,
advertising & public relations agencies,the media,
organisers of  conferences  & events & exhibitions,
and corporate trainers.

Regular talks by business and industry leaders
and other interactive programs will be held monthly.

Training Rooms

Room             Sqft                   Pax One                  638                    35 Two                 638                    35 Three               638                    35 Four                 638                    35 Five                 090                     08 Six                    090                    08



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