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Conferences & Seminars

Corporate brainstorming sessions for each aspect of corporate life. Be it Management, HR, Finance or any of the many functions that power the company.
ICC provides a spectrum of conference rooms with full technical facilities and professional staff to cater to the corporate.

Meetings & Workshops:  

Sales and dealer meets and workshops are ideally held at a corporate centre because of the need for sophisticated audio - visual presentations and the desire to keep the attendees focused on the sessions theme without any social distractions.             

 ICC with its minimalist interiors, provides the spaces and services for successful sessions.

Conference Rooms:

Room           Sqft               Pax One             3870                150
Two            1276                  72
Three          1276                  72
Four            1276                  96
Five              841                  72
Six                 406                  32

Meeting Rooms:
Room          Sqft                Pax One               406                  32 Two              406                  32 Three            090                  08 Four              406                  32 Five              406                  32 Six                 406                  32
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