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Multi Usage Halls

Three very large versatile usage halls,                     16000 sq.ft. total area . 300 pax per hall

21 merchandise display areas of 400 sq.ft. onwards available with merchandise lighting and display equipments on demand.

Association Meets

Associations meets are the planners ultimate test. Conferences, vendor displays,  seminars, training sessions,workshops,  a fashion event, coffee breaks, dining, all together. 
Residential hotels and centers have far flung spaces, interspersed with passages, and general public areas, which lessen cohesion and privacy. The unique space planning of ICC, has every answer to the planners needs.

Merchandise Mart
Garment and apparel manufacturers have specific seasonal retail buyer seller private shows. ICC provides the privacy, professionalism and properly designed display spaces in an ambience where display and discussion complement each other.With 400 sq.ft. space and more, nearly double the average residential hotel bedroom, ICC systems ensure that the display is classy, in a style the brand deserves. 

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